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Alexandre Nodopaka

3 Aug

Alex Nodopaka is a dear friend of mine. Always happy to see others discovering and appreciating his artwork.

Rebecca Bitondo

Today on my blog I’m highlighting the work of Alexandre Nodopaka, a Ukrainian-born artist, poet, and actor now living in the USA. Born in 1940, he eventually found his way to California in 1959 after living throughout Eastern Europe and studying at the Beaux Arts in Morocco. He describes his interest in art and literature as “exhaustively multicultural”, something that shows in his artwork.

Alexandre’s cubist pieces are just one of his many bodies of work; I happened to come upon them when I was looking for figurative cubist inspiration for my Space Cowgirl piece (see here for more on that). I appreciate the way he uses gradients to create light and dimension, as well as his usage of line and color to convey shape and depth.

Enjoy selections of Alexandre’s work below!



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