Another project in my works-in-progress folder is an ongoing story written for my sweetheart, about how we met and fell in love, and our many adventures since.

Here’s an excerpt:

I will also never forget an afternoon in August
when we sat in his car in the parking lot
of NORM’s Restaurant at 470 N La Cienega,
just north of Trashy Lingerie, which we had
stopped at, and I had tried on
some fun stuff, including a long black
lacy dress, like Morticia Adams,
that neither of us could afford!

What I remember best about that afternoon, though,
was that we stumbled onto Our Song,
quite innocently, holding hands in his car,
in the sunshine, with the radio on…
he had just parked and was about to turn off the engine
when the station began to play the acoustic version
of Everlong by Foo Fighters,
and it felt like his heart jumped as he said,
turning up the volume, “Oh, I love this song!”
So we sat quietly together and listened to the whole thing.

2009 Balboa Fun Zone

Published by Carma Chan

Carma is an American poet, photographer and author, who has published under her maiden name, Dillon, and now writes as Carma Chan to honor her Chinese stepdad. She has also published the Gramma Carmels Preschool Series of digital picture books. Born in 1958 in Los Angeles, she was raised with unconditional love by Ruth and John Chan of Utah from the age of six on and has dedicated her life to "Love, Joy, Peace & Jazzy Harmony." She shares Dr. King's dream. Besides the Saardu series, which is her way of coping with insanity and imagining "greater things than anyone ever taught me," she also writes about overcoming personal pain. For example, 10 Most Annoying Things People Say to NICU Parents (...when they're only trying to help!) "I'm not always serious," she adds, "Having a warped sense of humor is the best medicine! So my stuff is a bit whacked and layered."

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