Give the Gift of Literacy

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Yesterday while mailing books to special people in my life who enjoy reading to children, a woman who worked at the post office bragged about the many books she and her daughter read together and that she was reading on her own by the age of 3! Her daughter recently graduated from medical school. She mentioned that she did not allow her young children to watch television. Instead, she brought home hundreds of books from the library and gave them books as gifts.

Today (December 8th) is a promotional free copy day at Amazon for “C is for Camping“, a Gramma Carmels ABC Picture Book.  Each of the above titles has 5 promotional free days at Amazon every 3 months. Sometimes those announcements are shared here and on Twitter, follow GrammaCarmelsABC @AbcCarmels.

Give the gift of literacy. It is one of the most important things you can do to improve a child’s quality of life! Reading is fundamental.

The free books are Kindle edition (regular price $2.99). You don’t need a Kindle device to read them – Kindle books can be read on any device or computer using free software from Amazon. This series is also available in print. Since these are full-color, high quality, glossy 8.5×8.5″ books, the minimum cost setting is over $9, and I make very little royalty on the set price of $9.75. They are printed in the U.S. and most of the price goes to the printer. They are beautiful!

I am not against television. In fact, I watched PBS educational shows with my toddler daily. Mister Rogers was my favorite, but also Sesame Street (now on HBO), The Magic School Bus, Reading Rainbow, Clifford – The Big Red Dog, and Arthur were our favorites. My son was only allowed to watch commercial-free TV until the age of 6, then he was allowed to watch 1 show on commercial TV, and he chose Spider-man (cartoon series), and I watched it with him and we talked about good and bad. I actually like Peter Parker, he’s a great kid and there is plenty good in him. The villains were not too complex, it was obvious why they were bad. They are really mean to people and they don’t care about anything but power and money. Good lessons there. Be choosy about what you allow  children to consume. It does influence their minds and moral and social development. Whatever you allow them to watch – watch it with them and discuss it, that builds their confidence about what they understand and lays a foundation of them coming to you for advice later on.


My mother, Ruth Chan, is the face of the Gramma Carmels ABC book series. (At 85, she looks more grandmotherly than I do at 61.)

For a list of all titles published by me, click on the author name, Carma Chan.

Published by Carma Chan

Carma is an American poet, photographer and author, who has published under her maiden name, Dillon, and now writes as Carma Chan to honor her Chinese stepdad. She has also published the Gramma Carmels Preschool Series of digital picture books. Born in 1958 in Los Angeles, she was raised with unconditional love by Ruth and John Chan of Utah from the age of six on and has dedicated her life to "Love, Joy, Peace & Jazzy Harmony." She shares Dr. King's dream. Besides the Saardu series, which is her way of coping with insanity and imagining "greater things than anyone ever taught me," she also writes about overcoming personal pain. For example, 10 Most Annoying Things People Say to NICU Parents (...when they're only trying to help!) "I'm not always serious," she adds, "Having a warped sense of humor is the best medicine! So my stuff is a bit whacked and layered."

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