About Carma

1005216_592774134107469_782241575_nCarma is an American poet, photographer and author, publishing a variety of ebooks under her maiden name, C.Y. Dillon, and under Carma Chan to honor her Chinese stepdad. Her grandkids call her Gramma Carmels.

Born 1958 in Los Angeles, raised by platypuses.

The number 42 symbolizes many things to this author.  It represents the sum total of a lifetime spent searching for the meaning of the universe.  It states instantly that she is a fan of the ingenious political and social commentary captured by Douglas Adams in his series of galactic hitchhikers.  It reminds us all of the courage and power of diplomatic expression, the unstoppable force that will forever be known on this strange rock as Jackie Robinson.

Carma is the author’s real name, given at birth by her mother who claims she named her after a girl she knew in Kindergarten who wore pretty French braids.  Her mother is a storyteller.  There was no such little girl in her Kindergarten past.  Where the name comes from is a mystery, but know this:  Carma attended a school with three other girls who shared the name; get that…four girls…at Dixie Middle School…in Utah…two named Carma, two named Karma.  Weird, huh?  There was also an Aunt Carma, so the name goes back two generations in Utah.  Nobody knows what got that trend going.  This girl’s mother had never heard of “karma”, the eastern philosophy, the Hindu doctrine, or the notion.  It was only when John Lennon hit the radio waves with Instant Karma! that we had our first clue that it meant something bigger than anything we would ever understand.

Justice.  Cosmic justice.  Inescapable.  The natural order of balance.  Reaping what one sows.  Duh.  42Carma represents all that jazz in a nutshell.

This powerful woman stands for Love, Peace, Joy and Jazzy Harmony.


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