Movies, Movies, Movies!

Give me more movies! We all love movies! We know that because billions of dollars are spent every year at movie theaters. We can’t get enough of them! We want more, better, faster movies! What’s on your list? Here are my lists and ratings at IMDb. I subscribe to Movie Club, where I get discountsContinue reading “Movies, Movies, Movies!”

America is getting educated like never before

Nobody has ever seen anything like this.  If it weren’t for this bad actor, this very rude and terrible reality show host, America would have continued to snooze comfortably in its democratic cradle.  America is getting educated like never before.     During the Obama era, comedians had to work harder to find material toContinue reading “America is getting educated like never before”

California Wildfire Survivors One Year Later

News of the Camp Fire that spread in one hour from 1,000 to 5,000 acres and by the end of the day had wiped out an entire town became too much for me.  I noticed I felt compelled to avoid images, and especially video, of flames and people fleeing in terror.  The mere mention bringsContinue reading “California Wildfire Survivors One Year Later”

It was a pleasure to burn.

I was a high school sophomore enamored with the ideals of the Jesus People Movement when Fahrenheit 451 first appeared on a reading list in my literature class. I did not even take a peek at it. Instead, I made a special request and was granted permission to read the Bible. Between the age of 15Continue reading “It was a pleasure to burn.”