Ninety Days

After The Fire A quiet, peaceful Sunday morning adorned by fog… which she loves so much the more than fire. Now the calming colors of coolness surround her new home and the serenity of poetic thought instills the aimless hour with its lackadaisical aptitude for lack of a daisy in winter. She’s back.  To normal.Continue reading “Ninety Days”

Thankful To Be Safe And Well

It has been 45 days since we fled for our lives and watched in horror from a hotel room as television news crews witnessed entire communities, including ours, burn to the ground.  I can never forget those feelings.  Now, on Thanksgiving Day, I am overcome with amazement and gratitude that we are safe and well. Continue reading “Thankful To Be Safe And Well”

Giving Thanks for a New Home

Week Six It was evident within days of the firestorm that destroyed our community that living in Santa Rosa was no longer an option.  The issue of affordable housing had already been a factor in the region, and with multiple disasters hitting the U.S. in September and October, a sudden shortage of new construction materialsContinue reading “Giving Thanks for a New Home”

Harsh Reality

One Month After The Santa Rosa Firestorm It’s called a disaster for a reason.  The situation is a massive disruption of normalcy!  And now, a month after our frantic 3am evacuation, my family has arrived at the harsh reality of multiple levels of red tape and deep uncertainty. Our homes are among those still standingContinue reading “Harsh Reality”

Silver Linings

Week Four A lot happened this week.  We finally heard from Evans Management that residents of Journey’s End Mobile Home Park would be given access to retrieve personal property.  My husband made the long schlep again from L.A. to North Bay, 474 miles.  His mother went with him to get as much as they couldContinue reading “Silver Linings”

Chaos, Grief & Gratitude

Week Two My husband and I have had moments of laughter, in spite of the chaos and grief in the aftermath of the Santa Rosa firestorm.  We were chuckling yesterday about how crazy popular The Cars album was.  The subject came up because I mentioned that every time I go through something, a chorus from thatContinue reading “Chaos, Grief & Gratitude”

After The Fires

It is 7:56am Sunday, October 15, 2017, as I begin the next phase of recovery after the fires in Santa Rosa nearly put an end to us.  There are so many friends and extended family members who want to know what happened, what we went through; I can’t tell this story over and over, it’sContinue reading “After The Fires”

That’s a lot of rope!

Visiting the Maritime Museum was a highlight of a recent trip to San Diego.  Among the many interesting things to see there is the first European vessel to reach America’s west coast, the San Salvador, in 1542. Sixteenth century technology is an intriguing sight.  While some may walk through a room like this and give itContinue reading “That’s a lot of rope!”

Cannabis vs Opioids Anecdote

More than a decade ago, my dear friend had a back injury that continues to cause severe pain on a daily basis.  When the accident happened, her doctor prescribed a narcotic painkiller.  She refused the prescription.   That is why she is not addicted to opioids. Instead, she decided to use marijuana (also known asContinue reading “Cannabis vs Opioids Anecdote”