Jaycee Dugard demonstrates the best revenge.

Last night I watched Diane Sawyer’s interview with Jaycee Dugard, who was violently ripped from her family at age 11 and found 18 years later.  One can easily feel the range and depth of hate, outrage, shock, and bewilderment of the mother, but more riveting than the reality horror show of two monsters preying onContinue reading “Jaycee Dugard demonstrates the best revenge.”

Holy aardvark, Batman!

Readers of indie comics know immediately who’s in the news again today.  His name is Cerebus, the aardvark barbarian turned prime minister turned pope anti-superhero, created by Dave Sim.  Word on the street is that Dave–can we call him Dave?–renounced his title as ‘Godfather of indie comics’ years ago when it caught on, so we’ll callContinue reading “Holy aardvark, Batman!”

Creative Equalibrium

This is a call for intellectuals and nurturing people everywhere to get loud in the quest for fairness and freedom of self expression.  For example, let’s consider an underused stone for people who throw tantrums in glass houses:  Misandrist. Anyone who has heard someone labeled a misandrist in the past year, please raise your hand and tell us all about it.Continue reading “Creative Equalibrium”