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Holy aardvark, Batman!

30 May

Copyright Dave Sim 1978

Readers of indie comics know immediately who’s in the news again today.  His name is Cerebus, the aardvark barbarian turned prime minister turned pope anti-superhero, created by Dave Sim.  Word on the street is that Dave–can we call him Dave?–renounced his title as ‘Godfather of indie comics’ years ago when it caught on, so we’ll call him champion of indies.  He has to be happy today–his Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to digitize Cerebus and offer it as a web comic more than reached its goal within hours and doubled overnight!  What does that mean for Cerebus fans?  You will be able to pass on this classic anti-superhero, intelligent and amusing story to your grandchildren to read on their electronic tablets.  Cerebus will be going everywhere in the virtual world faster than a speeding bullet.

For those who don’t already know the most amazing thing about Cerebus, this aardvark exists because a man said he would do something impossible and then he did it.  He did it on time and without excuse or apology for the unexpected curves.  Dave started in December 1977.  He proclaimed he would create 300 issues.  This in a time when Marvel and DC were whipping up superheroes like cotton candy.  Cerebus is now a 6,000-page series of graphic novels that is as well-known by geeks as The Watchmen.

This success at Kickstarter is good news for the Cerebus film project that is currently in post-production, directed by Oliver Simonsen.  Although it is not directly connected to this Kickstarter campaign, the popularity of Cerebus is thus established and will help sweeten the pot for the production crew when it comes time to negotiate the tricky business of film distribution rights and its theatrical debut.  The film is slated for release in 2013.



Written by Carma Chan
Copyright 2012

Twitter: @cerebusfilm @cerebustv @carma_chan #buggidoscodge

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