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Beware of Charisma

2 Feb

Search engines are funny this way. Type the word ‘charisma’ and look at the images that come up. Hundreds of beautiful, sexy faces. Poised. Posed. Perfected. All of them female, in the search results I just came up with. When in fact, the charisma that you really need to educate yourself about, to protect yourself from manipulators, are men.

All men. Mostly white. Turned off already? Go ahead, dismiss this idea. But if you read headlines, watch television, get hooked into true crime stories, you won’t escape it. The overwhelming stories that capture us are these…

James Warren Jones (May 13, 1931 – November 18, 1978) was an American religious cult leader who, along with his inner circle, initiated and was responsible for a mass suicide and mass murder in JonestownGuyana. [Thanks, Wikipedia. Make a donation.]

David Koresh

Charles Manson

Ted Bundy

And as memory serves just about every story I have ever seen on American Greed, where some innocent person who was merely trying to do what they’ve seen wealthy people do to increase their financial security–invested their life savings, some of them in order to pay for chemotherapy, some of them because they don’t have enough to retire and hope to double their money–scammed and lost everything: charisma. Often it’s a white man, often he weasels his way into a position of trust, like a pastor or just some guy at church who looks successful and what has he got? Charisma.

What is charisma? What are we talking about here? Charm. Charmers. Smooth-talking, fast-talking, dazzlers.

This rainy Saturday morning I got up and turned on Netflix to pass the time while the medicine kicked in to rid me of a headache, and I landed on a true crime story, a new release. Abducted In Plain Sight. Have you seen this? Can you believe it? It’s easy to dismiss these people with “bonkers, just bonkers” as I saw some folks do, mentioning it on Twitter, but this shit happens! A lot!

Right now in America, Trump (note the title of this blog) has got millions of people up in arms, hysterical over caravans and worried over nothing to the point they’re willing to go along with tearing babies out of their mother’s arms and locking children in cages. This is real, this is happening, in America–the country that formerly was a leading nation in the progressive march against human rights violators! People are freaking out that farm hands, housekeepers, cooks, landscapers, and other ordinary people willing to perform manual labor that–face it, most of our kids with their smartphones and dreams of college degrees won’t even consider applying to do–people looking for work are coming here, like they have for decades and centuries, and oh no! It’s a national emergency!

Let’s add another charismatic white male name to the list:  Hitler. How did that happen?

Oh, and this name, let’s not forget Stalin, who sent his military to the Ukraine, took their crops, and starved millions to death. It bears repeating: Millions. Starved. To death. This is no mere Wikipedia page, this is a widely documented, historical fact that, unfortunately, most Americans never have learned because Americans hate history, especially World History. But check it out, and maybe you’ll understand better why some people are a little concerned about the implications of what Mueller has been dispatched to investigate and why.

Maybe we should not be so worried about who picks our fruit or cleans our cheap motels. Maybe we should be more concerned about men like Jeffrey Epstein and those who pardoned him.

Maybe we should be more concerned about what churches are doing to protect themselves and the families who seek sanctuary in God from men like Dennis Rader and predators who seek out positions of trust, like Larry Nassar, and how many priests were nailed in The Boston Globe Spotlight?

Maybe as you start to consider all of these stories, all of these true crimes, all of the facts, you will have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the #MeToo phenomenon and why so many women were voted into positions of trust this past year.

We have a lot of work to do. And maybe it will help us all to protect ourselves and our families better if we get it through our heads that many millions of people have been harmed by charismatic white men.