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Creative Equalibrium

11 Jan

This is a call for intellectuals and nurturing people everywhere to get loud in the quest for fairness and freedom of self expression.  For example, let’s consider an underused stone for people who throw tantrums in glass houses:  Misandrist.

Anyone who has heard someone labeled a misandrist in the past year, please raise your hand and tell us all about it.

Some time ago, an illustrator/storyteller invented characters through which certain controversial ideas could be portrayed.  It does not matter who the young artist was or whether the storyteller had boy parts or girl parts.  What matters is that this creative spirit could be your child.  Now keep it in that light.

An artistic soul expressed ideas that were counter-culture.  Said artist was then labeled by mighty forces with the deadliest word of the decade in that pop culture.  One must question the motives of stone-throwers, especially when we are merely talking and sketching ideas.

Today, my son is in college with a double major: Cinema Arts and Accounting.  He is a talented boy with dreams of directing and writing movies.  To pay the rent, he’ll work in the accounting field.  I write this to ensure  my son’s freedom to explore and express ideas:  I believe that Dave Sim cherishes traditional Womanhood and femininity.  There are essentially two types of people born into this world:  traditionalists and catalysts of change.  We catalysts ought to wholeheartedly embrace our counterparts, traditionalists.  Nature has a purpose for holding back change, and for bringing forth change, in due season, ebb and flow.  Traditionalists and catalysts must look at one another as equally important parts of the Big Picture.  As a wise, ancient king wrote:  To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.

It’s all good.  Carry on, our wayward sons.


Sign here if you agree that a traditionalist has a right to express ideas and catalysts ought not bully them.  Yes we CAN all just get along.