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Addie’s Little Angel

4 Aug

Recently I learned that the difficulties my granddaughter has had in school are known as Asperger’s Syndrome, and that there is an organization that trains dogs to help kids with Asperger’s – AMAZING!!!  Now I am learning about Asperger’s and doing all I can to help spread social understanding and acceptance, as well as the wonderful news that Little Angels Service Dogs exist!

Please share and if you can donate anything at all, please do!  Share and share and share – that is so helpful!!!   My granddaughter’s story is at http://www.littleangelsservicedogs.org/pediatricpsd.html, scroll down to Addie, age 11.  Please share the link to help raise awareness and spread KINDNESS!!!  Please take a few moments to learn about Asperger’s and to teach your children to recognize it in their classmates and to be sympathetic and respectful of their special challenges in social settings, especially at school!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!  http://www.webmd.com/brain/autism/tc/aspergers-syndrome-symptoms

This is my granddaughter, Adairah ("Addie")

This is my granddaughter, Adairah (“Addie”)

Gramma Carmels

Gramma Carmels, Tessa, Addie & Chelsea

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